Our Story

Everything is different right now, there is no denying that. We at Raaago want to focus on what is possible in spite of everything, on what gives us the feeling of freedom and discovery in our own hometown when travel is not possible. We still want to discover, encounter unknown paths, get to know new ways. Sometimes we want to take detours and let ourselves be surprised.

What would you like to do right now? Where do you want to go? What do you feel like doing? Lean back, we've got you. Nobody likes to waste a lot of time on unnecessary research where to go.

Raaago is all about the moment und for now it’s all on the go. A croissant to go while exploring new districts, a sourdough pizza slice while watching the sunset or a spontaneous roadtrip to the beautiful cornfields outside the city.

With Raaago you can always find the best tip directly, curated from a database with all the best that a city has to offer. With this combination of idea, technology and the network of people who love and know their hometowns like no other, the result is not only a guide, but a new tool to find serendipity in Berlin.

These are our Time Passes (In-App-Purchases):

- Week / 7 days unlimited access: The short version that makes you want more. 7 days access to the complete Raaago experience. One time payment, no subscription.

- Month / 30 days unlimited access: For those who want to take the time of 30 days of access. Also only a one-time payment and no subscription.

- Year / 1 year unlimited access: For all of you who don't want to miss the Raaago tool in your daily life and are loyal travelers on our journey, we offer the Member pass, which gives you access to all services and features for less than one Euro per month. Subscription automatically renewed every year.

Are you ready for serendipity? Download the Raaago app.

We're constantly working to improve and enhance the Raaago experience, incorporating new ideas and more sophisticated techniques. So stay in touch with us, it's getting exciting and we're just starting - we're launching with the best city in the world, Berlin.