Our Story

Imagine a cityguide in your pocket, accessible on the go, that's Raaago on the iOS Appstore and Google PlayStore. The story began in 2017, when the three founders Victor, Lukas and Tim were faced with the problem: Where do we go? How to find new places to visit? Where hides the new?

There wasn't a solution for that. With Raaago you now have new tips, curated by a small team of Berliners always with you. Whether you are on the road, or planning ahead for the next weekend. Raaago helps you to find new places, discover new Restaurants or beautiful Escapes around Berlin. Raaago is mainly free, however discovering new places is a lot of work so for the full version of Raaago we have developed time passes:

These are our Time Passes (In-App-Purchases):

- 1 Week / 7 days unlimited access to the complete Raaago experience. One time payment, no subscription..

- Monthly Access: 30 days unlimited access to the complete Raaago experience. Monthly subscription automatically renewed every month. Monthly cancellable.

- Yearly Access: 365 days unlimited access to the complete Raaago experience. Annual subscription automatically renewed every year. Yearly cancellable.

Prices on the App.

Recommending good things since 2017 for Berlin. Ready for serendipity? Download the Raaago iOS App.

We're constantly working to improve and enhance the Raaago experience, incorporating new ideas and more sophisticated techniques, however some mistakes might occur. Help us to keep the App updated and alive. Stay in touch with us: